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Vodder Review in Asheville

Amber just returned from Asheville, NC, where she participated with 19 other physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses & massage therapists in the first biannual Vodder Recertification course hosted by Care Partners. This 20 hour advanced training course is available for therapists to update and review their skills. Expert guest speakers present the latest research and methods and case studies are presented for peer review. Currently-certified therapists are required to maintain their certification in Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy through the Dr. Vodder School by attending one of these classes at least every two years and demonstrating continued competence.

In previous years, Amber has traveled to Walchsee, Austria, Stowe, VT, and Victoria, BC to participate in this course.  While it is fun to travel to different places, it is extremely convenient that the course will be available in Asheville. . . Thank you, Care Partners & Vodder School!


MLD Lowers Risk of Lymphedema

MedPage Today recently published an article reporting on the findings of a group of researchers in Spain. Their finding were published in the British Medical Journal this year. They found that breast cancer patients who received manual lymph drainage (MLD) after surgery had up to a 72% decreased risk of developing lymphedema!

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Interview TMJ Expert

Interview TMJ Expert Amber Vachon

Want to interview an expert, and need an interview in a hurry? Call TMJ Expert Amber Vachon. Regardless of her location, Amber will make herself available for your newspaper or magazine interview, for your radio talk show, or for your television talk show. Amber has spent years studying jaw pain and the temporomandibular joint from a holistic standpoint and has developed a highly effective alternative treatment regimen for jaw pain. As one of the country’s leading TMJ experts, few massage therapists are better attuned to the challenges of TMJD sufferers than Amber. An interview with Amber is filled with valuable educational information for your audience.

Amber’s innovative TMJD manual therapy treatment regimen is gentle and non-invasive, making it a beneficial conservative treatment option. Manual therapy is highly effective in correcting malocclusions and the functional anatomy of the TMJ. Treatment responds to specific TMJ movement disorders by addressing the soft tissue of the TMJ.

Amber’s clinic, Appalachian Medical Massage Associates, serves the greater southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee area, drawing clients primarily from Abingdon, Bristol, Gate City, Greeneville, Jonesborough, Kingsport, Johnson City, Knoxville, and Wise.


Dealing With Lymphedema

Written by Charlotte Dovey

When Linda Parton defeated breast cancer – twice – she thought it was the end of her problems. In fact, it was just the beginning.

For, as a result of poor post-operative care, she developed lymphoedema, an incurable and hugely debilitating condition which causes painful swelling.

Linda Parton

Still in Pain: Linda Parton

Lymphoedema is caused by an impaired lymphatic system and affects 100,000 people in the UK, 25,000 of them after breast cancer surgery. The others are largely due to injury to, or infection of, the lymph vessels.

The lymphatic system clears unwanted protein and water from the tissues via the lymph vessels throughout the body. Lymphoedema occurs when the system is faulty in some way: fluid doesn’t drain from the tissue, but builds up, causing swelling or oedema.

While not all breast cancer patients develop the condition, their chances of developing it are greater because the lymph nodes are often removed during treatment, potentially damaging the lymphatic system.

The problem can be triggered by something as simple as having your blood pressure taken, which is what happened in Linda’s case. Other traumas that can set off the condition include lifting something heavy, a skin infection, a cut or insect bite.

In the early stages, the swelling – which usually affects either the arms or legs (the areas next to the armpit and groin, where glands are found) – may be slight, but over time, and if left untreated, the area may harden.

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Senate Bill 3963

Written by Amber Vachon

*NOTE: This bill never became law. This bill was proposed in a previous session of Congress. Sessions of Congress last two years, and at the end of each session all proposed bills and resolutions that haven’t passed are cleared from the books.

There is a bill currently in the US Senate that will, when passed, allow for much greater access to lymphedema treatment for Medicare recipients. This is vital, especially for breast cancer survivors who have a significantly higher likelihood of developing lymphedema than the general population.

Currently, only physical therapists may provide this therapy. The new law will restore physician choice to assign care to the therapist of his or her choice. A large percentage of lymphedema therapists with advanced training (myself included) are massage therapists and nurses (LPNs and RNs). As a result, the number of qualified therapists who can provide this service under Medicare is greatly limited. With passage of this bill, patient access to quality healthcare will be greatly enhanced. Private insurance companies also tend to follow Medicare’s lead, thus better access to physical medicine for those not on Medicare should follow.

In order to ensure proper care for those who need it, we need your support. Please contact your Congressmen and women and urge them to co-sponsor this bill and vote yes to S.3963. (History has shown that the more co-sponsors a bill has, the greater the likelihood of it’s passage.) Read the rest of this entry »