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TRIVIA: Do you know why Giraffes don’t get lymphedema?

Physiologists have discovered that giraffe skin is inelastic, meaning that it does not stretch like the skin of humans.  Therefore, the world’s tallest animals are not susceptible to health projects like lymphedema and venous disease, even though they may be on their feet for 24 hours a day!  (They only need about 2 hours of sleep and often do that while standing!)

The giraffe’s skin has also been studied by NASA in research into gravity suits.  Interesting, eh?


What is Lymphatic Massage?

By Micaela Romualdez

Lymphatic massage is a gentle kind of massage. This massage serves to stimulate the lymphatic system to increase metabolism, remove cellular waste and debris, and promote a healthy immune system. Lymphatic massage is also known as lymphatic drainage. Read the rest of this entry »


Lymphatic Massage For Beauty Inside As Well As Out!

By Willie Jones

When a family member of mine was diagnosed with lymphoma, a large marble sized rock hard lump in the neck, it was such a shock! The difficult part after that was trying to figure out the best course of action. We have always leaned towards natural remedies and we were thankfully steered towards a naturopath that did lymphatic massage Read the rest of this entry »