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Massage Primer

The practice of various massage techniques can be traced though human history and nearly every culture. Artwork and literature from many civilizations show that nearly all ancient cultures practiced massage in some form. This is shown in cave drawings by out prehistoric ancestors, ancient Chinese books dating back as far as 3000 B.C., medical textbooks by Greek and Roman physicians written in the millennia preceding Christ, Indian and Hindu tradition and literature dating back over three thousand years.

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Dr. Andrew Weil’s “Tip of the Day”

Dr. Andrew Weil’s “Tip of the Day” for the 4th of July is “Four Reasons to Try Rolfing”. That’s fitting for Independence Day!

Four Reasons to Try Rolfing

Do you suffer from chronic stress, pain or bad posture? You may want to consider Rolfing. Named after Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Rolfing is often referred to as “structural integration.” It is not simply massage, it is a system of deep manipulation of the connective tissues that aims to restructure the fascia (the sheath of tissue that surrounds a muscle) and relieve physical misalignment. Read the rest of this entry »


Fashion reporter Xazmin Garza discovers Rolfing

Xazmin Garza

Xazmin Garza

It seems that Oprah and Dr. Oz have set off a domino effect leading to even more great news coverage of Structural Integration!

Fashion reporter Xazmin Garza writes “Beauty Queen,” a monthly column published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In her column on the 29th of February, titled “The Evolution of Man,” the Beauty Queen writes:

I’m in a slump. Not a Shaquille O’Neal kind of slump but more of a Quasimodo one, as in my upper back borders on hunch status. . . . During one of her Dr. Oz shows, the queen of daytime introduced the world to Rolfing. Say it aloud: Rolfing. Yes, it sounds like another name for vomit or the noise Arsenio Hall used to accompany his fist roll with but it’s neither. The name comes from its founder, Dr. Ida P. Rolf, and it’s a “connective tissue manipulation technique” used to bring your body’s alignment back in order. Translation: it deslumps.

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Why Do I Cramp, And How Can I Avoid And Treat It?

By Scott Niekerk

Contrary to the information recently published in the science section of the NY Times, “cramping” is not really a mystery in my clinical experience.

What is a cramp?

First we must understand this. According to Wikipedia: Cramps are unpleasant, often painful, sensations caused by contraction or over shortening of muscles. Cramps can be caused by cold, overexertion or low calcium level in blood. Illness or poisoning can also cause cramps, particularly in the stomach, which is referred to as colic; but this is a whole different issue, as is menstrual cramps. Read the rest of this entry »