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New Art by Mary Mack

We are thrilled to adorn our favorite wall (a curved radius wall painted “Uncertain Grey,” a color that is art in itself) with a three paneled abstract landscape painting by local artist Mary McKinley, professionally known as Mary Mack.  It’s amazing how the painting changes according to the time of day. . . .   The environmental lighting allows for subtle mood changes throughout the day.  So fun!  Find out more about Mary Mack and how you too can own a bit of her beauty at

"Appalachian Light," acrylic on canvas, 48"x40" - Mary Mack

“Appalachian Light,” acrylic on canvas, 48″x40″


What a Success!

Thanks to all of you who came this past weekend. . . .   Nearly 200 people were in attendance!  We were all particularly impressed with the art show.  Many people commented their surprise at the quality of art from these high school students.  We hope to feature them in another show this spring!

More photos will be posted when we get copies of them.  We were so busy visiting with folks that we weren’t able to take any pictures!

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Massage Primer

The practice of various massage techniques can be traced though human history and nearly every culture. Artwork and literature from many civilizations show that nearly all ancient cultures practiced massage in some form. This is shown in cave drawings by out prehistoric ancestors, ancient Chinese books dating back as far as 3000 B.C., medical textbooks by Greek and Roman physicians written in the millennia preceding Christ, Indian and Hindu tradition and literature dating back over three thousand years.

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