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What is Rolfing? Who Can Benefit?

By Micaela Romualdez

Rolfing is form of bodywork that involves loosening the fascia covering our muscles and other organs and aligning the body to help promote better posture. It is the goal of rolfing to provide postural release and support the body so that it functions to its fullest potential. Structural abnormalities can promote dysfunction or even pain. Loosening the fascia helps realign the body. Fascia not only covers up our muscles, it also wraps around all the other structures of the body thus holding them in place. Whenever there is a misalignment, the body must fight against the detrimental effects of gravity. This causes our bodies to exert more effort to engage in normal movement. When there is no misalignment, the body works in conjunction with gravity providing ease of movement. Read the rest of this entry »


Massage Primer

The practice of various massage techniques can be traced though human history and nearly every culture. Artwork and literature from many civilizations show that nearly all ancient cultures practiced massage in some form. This is shown in cave drawings by out prehistoric ancestors, ancient Chinese books dating back as far as 3000 B.C., medical textbooks by Greek and Roman physicians written in the millennia preceding Christ, Indian and Hindu tradition and literature dating back over three thousand years.

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Posture – Why Should I Care?

By Gloria Hansen

Good posture makes everybody look 150 percent better. You look thinner – taller – and your clothes hang better. It is probably the most consistent connective thread running through every man and woman of style.

There is a certain magnetism, self-confidence, and to-the-manor-born charisma about a strong, graceful carriage. It is a body language that works.

But there is much more to good posture than your mother might have told you. It is during a state of ideal posture that the muscles will work most efficiently. Poor posture not only takes away from aesthetics, it compromises how we were designed to function, eventually leading to pain and/or injury.

Old, unconscious habits of misalignment, never detected and thus never corrected, directly cause muscle and joint pain, fatigue and general bodily difficulty. Most of us do not realize this crucial connection, much less know what to do about it. Read the rest of this entry »