Seeing Is Believing

by Paul Vachon

If you’ve had any conversations with me in the past about shoes or lack there of, you already know how I feel about running shoes, hard soled shoes, and high heels versus minimally designed shoes or going barefoot. The design of most shoes today encourage heel strike, which sends a shockwave through the body. Barefoot running (by someone who has always run barefoot, or has changed their old heel strike to mid or forefoot strike) looks amazingly different. Explaining this in words can be difficult to understand. But seeing – and experiencing – is believing.

In my continual search for research and articles referring to barefoot running, I recently came across one of the most powerful videos I’ve seen yet. It truly shows the difference that I have experienced. Watch and you’ll most likely become a convert. See the whole story here.

Listen to the story. Read the article. Watch the video. Be converted.

A Look At Running With and Without Shoes

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