Practice Yoga For Back Pain

By Asheesh Mani

Pregnancy is a joyful period for a couple; however, a nagging back pain can convert this blissful tenure into an uncomfortable experience. In recent times, yoga to relieve back pain has emerged as a popular option amongst pregnant women.

A pregnant woman can benefit immensely by practicing yoga. Some of the benefits include a boost to the energy level that is highly required during labor, respite from back problems, weight control that helps reduce pressure on the spine and of course, release of stress. Pregnancy yoga consists of very low-impact exercises that gently relax the muscles and improve blood circulation. In the long term, it prepares you for the final day when you require extra energy to deliver the little one.

Yoga Helps Alleviate The Discomforts Of Back Pain

Yoga can greatly help to reduce your back problem. Even ten minutes every day is sufficient to relieve you of backache and to de-stress you. It relaxes the back muscles by loosening them, as well as lessens the anxieties of childbirth.
Yoga for pregnant women is a special set of subtle to moderate techniques. It involves very simple stretching and deep breathing exercises. These techniques help strengthen and tone the back and abdominal muscles so that the pregnant woman is able to bear the additional weight. There are various yoga asanas (poses) for backache, sciatica, lower backache, body swelling and ligament ache. Deep breathing exercises help in making labor easy for you. Other benefits include-

  • Helps relieve stiffness and strain of the spinal cord that may be caused by prolonged sitting or standing.
  • Helps re-align the spine and alleviate backache.
  • Helps release tension from the thigh muscles and the legs.
  • Stretching posture loosens the entire spine and helps in clearing the congestion in the spinal nerves. Also, it helps in keeping the abdominal muscles and nerves toned.
  • Certain Yoga Postures That Need To Be Avoided During Pregnancy

    Yoga is considered to be one of the best exercises to be done by a pregnant woman. However, she needs to avoid certain positions, which can complicate the pregnancy. It is very important that a woman is aware of the positions to avoid while pregnant, such as lying down on the belly and the back, twisting around the abdominal area, jumping, inversions, back bending etc.

    Yoga is a superb form of exercise during pregnancy. All the three trimesters have separate asanas for the back and other problems, which should be carried out under professional guidance. It helps in preparing your body for childbirth. The advantages are multifold, so why not visit a yoga expert to ease back pain that is usually experienced during pregnancy.

    Yoga for back pain are a great remedy if you are suffering from pregnancy back pain. The techniques not only relax the body, but also facilitate a smooth and uncomplicated delivery. So, if looking for a back pain remedies while pregnant, check on the various yoga techniques. Practice yoga regularly to alleviate back pain and other problems.

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