Fauja Singh: World’s Oldest Runner

At 101, Fauja Singh is an inspiration for us all.  Don’t let your age in years make you feel – and act – old.

Read his story at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/08/fauja-singh-worlds-oldest_n_2647436.html.  Be sure to scroll down for the BBC video!




Inclement Weather?

Winter Storm watches are going on today.  Some places are already experiencing sleet and most of the schools are closed for the day.  We are here, but please give us a call if you will not make it for your appointment today.   See our Snow Policy here. The same goes for all types of inclement weather.


The Pleasure Trap with Douglas Lisle

Here’s a great TED Talk that summarizes The Pleasure Trap. From the book description: “The author offers unique insights into the factors that make us susceptible to dietary and lifestyle excesses, and present ways to restore the biological processes designed by nature to keep us running at maximum efficiency and vitality.”


1953 Video on Posture

For your holiday amusement, here’s a classic Young America Films video on posture from 1953.  Rather cheesy, but there’s actually some good information in there.  Enjoy!



Thanks to the Mystery Giver

Imagine my surprise when UPS delivered a package with a smile today.

Apparently, an anonymous client sent me a Kindle (with all the extras) for Christmas.   Though I would love to personally thank this individual for such a generous gift, it seems that Secret Santa wishes to remain secret.  So, thank you.  I hope you read this post.  What a treat!  We’re looking forward to using our new toy during our Christmas travels.  I’ve already loaded more books than we’ll be able to read in a year!



Christmas Holidays

Our office will be closed for the Christmas holidays as of Tuesday, the 18th of December.  We will reopen on Wednesday, the 3rd of January.

We wish you a wonderful holiday celebration with your family and friends!



.   ~ Amber, Paul & Francois


Remember to Redeem Your Groupons!

Francois would like to remind everyone with an unused Groupon that they are expiring soon.  He love giving massages and wants to be sure that everyone is able to receive their sessions.  Remember that same day bookings are not often available, so please call to schedule an appointment soon!

As with all Groupons, the promotional value will EXPIRE on the date specified in the offer.  The amount paid, however, WILL NEVER EXPIRE and will be honored after the promotional value expires.  The amount paid may be applied toward any goods or services offered by Francois., but cannot be combined with other offers.

To reserve an appointment, please call Francois directly at 423-863-0390 or send an email to fminani2008@gmail.com.


Website Functional Again!

Whew!  We’ve had a time with our website, but it is finally functional again. . . .  Immense thanks to Kanishka of The Creative Trust Agency for coming to the rescue.  Without him, I’d probably be lying in a puddle of tears on the office floor.  Thank you, Kanishka, for working your magic!

Now that the site is back under my guidance, I will do my best to keep it tidy.  Please email me if you find any broken links or anything of a buggy nature on this site.  I need all the help I can get.  Thanks so very much for your patience!



Website Updates

We’re having technical issues with this site and hope to soon have it once again running smoothly. Thank you for your patience.

The Folks at AMMA


“Francois is the best!”

“Frank was an excellent massage therapist.  I have had many massages and prefer deep tissue, he was perfect.  I have felt other massage therapists were almost following a book and did things in such an ordered manner but Frank knew what he was doing and honestly it was the best massage I have ever had.”

~ Renee W.