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Dr. Oz Explains Trigger Points

When you have easy to reach trigger points that create problematic referral pain, we teach you to do this.  Self-care techniques are key to the recovery process!  Kudos to Dr. Oz for getting to word out that people can self-treat myofascial pain!


Fashion reporter Xazmin Garza discovers Rolfing

Xazmin Garza

Xazmin Garza

It seems that Oprah and Dr. Oz have set off a domino effect leading to even more great news coverage of Structural Integration!

Fashion reporter Xazmin Garza writes “Beauty Queen,” a monthly column published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In her column on the 29th of February, titled “The Evolution of Man,” the Beauty Queen writes:

I’m in a slump. Not a Shaquille O’Neal kind of slump but more of a Quasimodo one, as in my upper back borders on hunch status. . . . During one of her Dr. Oz shows, the queen of daytime introduced the world to Rolfing. Say it aloud: Rolfing. Yes, it sounds like another name for vomit or the noise Arsenio Hall used to accompany his fist roll with but it’s neither. The name comes from its founder, Dr. Ida P. Rolf, and it’s a “connective tissue manipulation technique” used to bring your body’s alignment back in order. Translation: it deslumps.

Read the entire article on the Las Vegas Review-Journal website,