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Make Sure Your Bra Fits!

Does Your Bra Really Fit? Most women with whom we work wear bras that are WAY too tight. Too-tight bras significantly restrict lymphatic flow and produce fascial binding, both of which can lead to a host of ills.

Finer Things for Her is having a Swim and Fit Event from 25-27 February. Swim trunk show, bra specials, giveaways & a special reception until 7pm Thursday evening.

Remember that a proper-fitting brassiere should allow you to easily slip two fingers under the band and under the straps.  Call 423.343.9043 to schedule your fitting appointment.  Tell them that Amber sent ya!


Olympic Skier Recovers with Help of Lymphatic Drainage

U.S. skier Lindsey Vonn is glad to be back on the snow and credits lymphatic drainage massage with assisting in her recovery. On February 2nd, she experienced “an excruciatingly painful deep tissue bruise on her right shin in a slalom training crash.”

Lymphatic Drainage can be wonderful for all deep bruises and sprains, as it directly affects the lymphatic system to decrease swelling and inflammation.

Sometimes it seems to work too well.  It can take away the pain way too fast!  (I have to remind people that just because their ankles don’t hurt doesn’t mean that they can go right back out running or dancing or skiing.  The body still needs rest to allow time to for the body to fully heal. . . .)

We hope that Lindsey will be able to recover fully and compete in this year’s Olympics without further injury.  Good luck, Lindsey!

Read more at USA Today:


Avid Runner Recovers Quickly from Sprain


Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) can be extremely effective in treating sprains. . . . Thanks for letting us know how well you recovered. We’re so glad to be able to help!  Now it’s time to start training for the Crazy 8’s 8K road race!

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