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Family Time – Reduce Stress and Enjoy Your Time With Family

By Ellen R. Norman

Family time can be defined in many ways, depending on your lifestyle, and who or what you consider as family. Most people define family as spouse and/or children. But for some it could be the cherished pets. And still for others their closest friends.

We are generally social ‘animals’ with a ‘herd-tribe’ mentality. We need the ‘herd’ to survive. This togetherness is very important and gives us a sense of completeness and security. When we are unable to prioritize our time, energy, or thoughts towards these important entity’s, we get stressed, worried and anxious.

Of course the first priority on your list is for yourself, yes, you. Your health and wellbeing must be maintained, before you can give to others. Remember you ‘ must have your cup of energy filled before you can give to others’. When you are wasted, tired, depressed and otherwise stressed out, you are a hindrance rather then a help to your family.

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Living the Life You Want – Creating Your Vision

Written by Maimah Karmo

Almost every living human being has a vision or dream of what he/she desires in life. I am sure that many of you, when you think of a vision, you imagine an apparition, a burning bush, a spirit of some sort, something celestial, or you think of a vision as an idea in your head that is “just” a thought, a fleeting idea of what life would be like, only if. Only if life were different, only if you were older, younger, taller, shorter, skinnier, had longer hair, straighter hair, a bigger butt, smaller thighs, were prettier, married, single, free, could walk, had money, had a job, had a better job, had a much better job, were not oppressed, if only things were different, if only you had not gotten raped, if only he had not mistreated you, only if you weren’t in a wheelchair, if only you were not sick, if only “people” didn’t have an attitude, if only the lights would all just turn green! If only your parents believed you, if only someone would listen, if only you didn’t stutter, if only you could be like her, if only you had a voice.

I am here to tell you that you do. You have a voice.

She whispers gently to you, lovingly. She is the voice that never leaves you, your comforter, your Higher Self. Listen to your inner voice. Through it, you will realize your vision. Read the rest of this entry »