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Vodder Review in Asheville

Amber just returned from Asheville, NC, where she participated with 19 other physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses & massage therapists in the first biannual Vodder Recertification course hosted by Care Partners. This 20 hour advanced training course is available for therapists to update and review their skills. Expert guest speakers present the latest research and methods and case studies are presented for peer review. Currently-certified therapists are required to maintain their certification in Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy through the Dr. Vodder School by attending one of these classes at least every two years and demonstrating continued competence.

In previous years, Amber has traveled to Walchsee, Austria, Stowe, VT, and Victoria, BC to participate in this course.  While it is fun to travel to different places, it is extremely convenient that the course will be available in Asheville. . . Thank you, Care Partners & Vodder School!


An Email of Thanks

We recently received this email from a woman with whom Paul worked when we lived in Asheville, NC. It was the highlight of our day. Thanks, Beverly!

Beverly asked some good questions regarding what to look for in a therapist. Keep reading to see our answers.

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Answers to her questions.