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SI Recommended for Low Back Pain

For those who suffer from back pain, Dr. Andrew Weil extols the benefits of Dr. Ida Rolf’s Method of Structural Integration.

Local physicians agree.  Several regularly send their back pain patients to Paul to help them get long lasting relief!


Dr. Weil Recommends SI for Dowager’s Humps

Are you concerned about your rounded spine?  Don’t want to develop a Dowager’s Hump?  Dr. Weil recommends the Rolf Method of Structural Integration as an effective corrective therapy.  Paul, our Board Certified Structural Integrator, is happy to help you take care of what’s causing the hump to form.  Just give him a call!

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Dr. Weil’s Recommendations for Wrist Pain

Dr. Weil’s recommendations for carpal tunnel syndrome self-care include:

  • rest
  • a certain vitamin
  • yoga
  • arnica gel
  • ice packs

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Dr. Andrew Weil’s “Tip of the Day”

Dr. Andrew Weil’s “Tip of the Day” for the 4th of July is “Four Reasons to Try Rolfing”. That’s fitting for Independence Day!

Four Reasons to Try Rolfing

Do you suffer from chronic stress, pain or bad posture? You may want to consider Rolfing. Named after Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Rolfing is often referred to as “structural integration.” It is not simply massage, it is a system of deep manipulation of the connective tissues that aims to restructure the fascia (the sheath of tissue that surrounds a muscle) and relieve physical misalignment. Read the rest of this entry »