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Avid Runner Recovers Quickly from Sprain


Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) can be extremely effective in treating sprains. . . . Thanks for letting us know how well you recovered. We’re so glad to be able to help!  Now it’s time to start training for the Crazy 8’s 8K road race!

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Interview TMJ Expert

Interview TMJ Expert Amber Vachon

Want to interview an expert, and need an interview in a hurry? Call TMJ Expert Amber Vachon. Regardless of her location, Amber will make herself available for your newspaper or magazine interview, for your radio talk show, or for your television talk show. Amber has spent years studying jaw pain and the temporomandibular joint from a holistic standpoint and has developed a highly effective alternative treatment regimen for jaw pain. As one of the country’s leading TMJ experts, few massage therapists are better attuned to the challenges of TMJD sufferers than Amber. An interview with Amber is filled with valuable educational information for your audience.

Amber’s innovative TMJD manual therapy treatment regimen is gentle and non-invasive, making it a beneficial conservative treatment option. Manual therapy is highly effective in correcting malocclusions and the functional anatomy of the TMJ. Treatment responds to specific TMJ movement disorders by addressing the soft tissue of the TMJ.

Amber’s clinic, Appalachian Medical Massage Associates, serves the greater southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee area, drawing clients primarily from Abingdon, Bristol, Gate City, Greeneville, Jonesborough, Kingsport, Johnson City, Knoxville, and Wise.


It’s About Time

Written by Renita Kalhorn

Here in New York, holiday decorations had made their appearance before we had even celebrated Thanksgiving. Apparently time is not passing by fast enough for the rabid retailers.

Accordingly, the pace picks up as our days fill with additional seasonal activities – parties, shopping, travel – crowding already jam-packed schedules. But rather than savoring the specialness of the season, we rush along in a frenzy of activity, stressed and anxious about getting everything done.

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Back Pain Starts Young – Tips to Ease the Burden

Written by John Groth

We’ve all seen the TV documentary where the scurrying ants are carrying portions of leaves and other vegetation back to their nest. Many loads carried by the ants exceed the ant’s weight. An almost similar scene is repeated every day at schools all across the county, and kids weighted down with overloaded backpacks trudging back and forth to school. Many only have to trudge with the heavy backpack from home to the bus and from the bus into school but the strain on their backs are obvious and could be damaging.

So book reports, various projects and science exams aren’t the only pressures on your kids at school. Wearing and walking with heavy backpacks, especially when wearing them the wrong way can lead to back pain, muscle strain and overall poor posture. In a recent study, almost 60% of students reported chronic back pain related to them.

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“To Your Health – Winter 2008”

Hot off the presses!

The first edition of our semiannual newsletter, “To Your Health,” is downloadable below as an Adobe PDF file. Considered by many to be the global standard for electronic document sharing, the latest version of Adobe Reader is available for free download at

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Vodder Review

Written by Amber Vachon

Amber just returned from the Golden Eagle Resort in Stowe, Vermont, where she took part in a review class for Vodder School graduates. The class was attended by massage therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, physician assistants and physicians from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Amber is now re-energized and ready to practice more MLD!

Expert guest speakers are invited to present the latest research and methods. Professor Hildegaard Wittlinger and Andreas Wittlinger of the International School in Austria were in attendance, as was Robert Harris, director of the North American School. We were fascinated by the lectures on cutting-edge medical research given by Dr. Horst Weissleder, MD, professor of radiology at the University of Freiburg in Germany and honorary president of the German Society of Lymphology.

It was particularly nice to enjoy a reunion of sorts with professors and fellow therapists from around the world. Amber received her training at the Dr. Vodder School’s international headquarters in Walchsee, Austria. The photo shown to the left was taken in this quaint Alpine villageand shows a therapist from the United Kingdom, Professor Hildegaard Wittlinger of Austria, Amber, and a therapist from Iceland.

At these review courses, therapists are able to learn new skills and stay current with the latest in the field. This advanced training course is available for therapists to update and review their skills.

To maintain excellence in the field, currently-certified lymphedema therapists are required to maintain their certification by attending one of these classes at least every two years and demonstrating continued competence.