How to Be More Positive

How to Be More Positive – Building Your Own (Recession-Proof) Lemonade Empire
By Susan Dato

With all that’s been going on in the world lately it comes as no surprise that, in the recent months, internet searches have spiked with the query ‘how to be more positive.’ As simple as the notion of it seems on the surface, it often proves challenging for many, and at certain times more than others. If you’re struggling with being optimistic, take heart in knowing you are certainly not alone and there are real, practical tips that have been the cornerstone of many, if not all, of the most successful (and happiest) people in our history.

It All Begins With a Thought…Your Thought

It is a proven fact that our thoughts are things. They are vibrational and creative and- good or bad-they become matter (things). Numerous studies have been conducted and articles written, both from a philosophical standpoint and scientific, that substantiates this. The quandary is thinking positive is not always easy and often misunderstood. It is impossible to control all of your thoughts-bazillions of them racing through your head all day long. The good news is controlling all of your thoughts is not what is paramount. It is your predominant thoughts that set the tone of your attitude and subsequently, your overall experience. You know the ones- those repetitive thoughts like: you’re in so much debt, you’ll never be able to achieve this or that, you hate your job, the sky is falling, you’re overweight, why Johnny gets paid more than you, everyone’s out to get you, you’ll never have enough money, life sucks, etc.-those thoughts, yep, they become your beliefs, truths- your experience.

In other words, whatever you choose to focus on expands. And no doubt, that crappy stuff you are experiencing is real- unpleasant situations arise- we cannot control influences outside ourselves, but we can choose how we think about and react to them. You must seek to find the best in every situation, and hold those better thoughts as your predominant focus. In other-other words, if you dwell in sh**, you become sh**! And no, you cannot control other peoples’ thoughts or behaviors- only your own. What does happen by becoming more positive is you will notice that you attract less and less negative people and circumstances into your reality.

It’s difficult to go from 0 to 120 in one grand-thinking leap, yes. Abraham-Hicks teaches the process of pivoting- a method that helps you to shift your negative thoughts to more positive ones (and it happens to be the inspiration of my blog’s name). But how do you know that you’re even having negative thoughts? I have friends that are so used to thinking in a negative-loop; they don’t even realize that they are! Your feelings are your thermostat. Are the thoughts you’re having feel good? If not, then you can pretty much bet your thoughts are driving your crappy ‘feeling’. Pivoting is a great tool for a) learning to be aware and identify the thoughts that are negative, and b) shifting those thoughts as they are happening in a more positive direction, and thus changing your habit of thinking over the long-term.

But how do you stay there – in that good thinking-feeling state? Affirmations are a powerful tool in which to infuse and sustain better thoughts into your habit of thinking- and it works! At first, affirmations may seem awkward, foreign, and maybe even a little embarrassing. After all, if you’ve been thinking in a negative fashion for some time, it might be a little uncomfortable and almost downright unbelievable at first! There are some great books and website resources on affirmations. Best-selling author, Louise L. Hay, is a leading advocate for the concept ‘change your thoughts, change your life,’ and her work is centered on the use of affirmations to initiate and support a positive attitude. Don’t know how to write your own affirmations? Check out the Affirmation Spot web site- a wonderful repository of the most popular affirmations for all areas of life, as well as just a great resource for all things positive.

Some other helpful tips & tricks to instill and maintain a positive vibe:

• Don’t watch the news before going to sleep. The news is filled with bad drama which, unfortunately, gets the best ratings. Turn it off! Instead, read some affirmations before dozing off. Your subconscious will love you for it! 
• Surround yourself with other positive-minded people as much as possible. You know the old saying ‘misery loves company?’ This also means stay away from the water cooler! 
• Find the humor in things and laugh! Laughter raises your endorphins and soothes the soul! 
• Feel appreciation for all the good that does exist in your life! Gratitude is a key to abundance. 
• Be patient with yourself and never, ever give up. So you fall off the positive-thought wagon here and there- it’s okay. Recognize it, move on, and keep pivoting!

Okay, so you’re still not feeling all warm, fuzzy, and Pollyanna-ish? Act as if! The mind cannot tell between fact and fiction. The mind only knows what you’re feeding it by your thoughts; even if you have to fake it at first! Give your best, Oscar-winning performance! (and don’t forget to thank the Academy)

When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will. -Abraham Lincoln, Inscription on Pollyanna’s locket, a gift from her father.

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