Fibromyalgia Awareness Month

In conjunction with Fibromyalgia Awareness Month, Frank Minani, LMT, will be offering new and existing clients the opportunity to experience a unique form of Fibromyalgia Therapy.

Fibromyalgia therapy is a gentle and effective hands-on therapy that addresses tender points, coaxes increased range of motion through mild stretching, and utilizes a softer form of trigger point therapy.

Everyone who calls during the month of May to schedule an appointment will receive a discount on fibromyalgia therapy sessions.

The following rates apply:

30 min = $30.00 (normally $40.00)
60 min = $50.00 (normally $65.00)
90 min = $70.00 (normally $100.00)
This phenomenal deal also waives the $25 assessment fee!

Prepaid packages of 5 are also available.

Please call Frank Minani at 423-863-0390.

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