Family Time – Reduce Stress and Enjoy Your Time With Family

By Ellen R. Norman

Family time can be defined in many ways, depending on your lifestyle, and who or what you consider as family. Most people define family as spouse and/or children. But for some it could be the cherished pets. And still for others their closest friends.

We are generally social ‘animals’ with a ‘herd-tribe’ mentality. We need the ‘herd’ to survive. This togetherness is very important and gives us a sense of completeness and security. When we are unable to prioritize our time, energy, or thoughts towards these important entity’s, we get stressed, worried and anxious.

Of course the first priority on your list is for yourself, yes, you. Your health and wellbeing must be maintained, before you can give to others. Remember you ‘ must have your cup of energy filled before you can give to others’. When you are wasted, tired, depressed and otherwise stressed out, you are a hindrance rather then a help to your family.

You can not consider yourself selfish, if you think of how your attitude and drama will effect them. By setting the mood or the environment of a given day, event, or a phone call you reduce the chances of stress developing in there lives as well as yours.

With some calm inner retrospection you can prioritize your family time to benefit everyone. A win-win is always more fun and more abundant.

Making the effort to learn all the facts before engaging a conversation with a family member, or planning an activity in advance will cut the edges off stressed issues. You will find you have much more control of your time and energy with some planning and actions.

Our life styles need not be filled with excuse laden busywork. Or activates that keep a child busy, when a caring parents attention is all that is needed.

There are so many ways you can involve yourself and your family in simple activities and events. For instance watch a movie together, then discuss it afterwards, yes, you will have to pick a movie that has some value. You will find that this investment in time and effort will pay off in abundant feelings of togetherness and connection.

It is known fact that action is the greatest deterrent to stress, worry and fears. By taking action and control of the situation you will win back time, energy and abundant love of members of your family. Stress will not get a foot hold in their lives and in yours.

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