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Rolfing and Trauma Workshop

Paul & Amber are in chilly Vermont for a couple of weeks. . . .  Paul is participating in a workshop on “Rolfing and Trauma: Psychobiological Skills for Rolfers” taught by Lael Keen.  It promises to be an exciting class, focusing on how to recognize trauma as it is held in the body and learn how to support its release through touch and movement/manual techniques.

A founding member of the Brazilian Rolfing Association, Lael comes from a family of Rolfers and is an Advanced Level teacher of Somatic Experiencing.

We’re enjoying our stay at the Inn at Baldwin Creek in Bristol, VT.  If you’re ever in the area, make it a point to stay there.  It’s like visiting Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower!


“Finding Dynamic Balance Within the Human Structure”

Southwest Virginia’s Higher Education Center’s College for Older Adults (COA) will be holding a class on Alternative Healing from 10:45am-12:15pm on Thursdays this fall. On September 15th, we will be leading a session titled “Finding Dynamic Balance Within the Human Structure: Structural Integration Theory and Applications.” Join us for an experiential workshop in which we will explore how to find ease and balance within our own structures.

Learn more about structural integration on our website.

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SI Recommended for Low Back Pain

For those who suffer from back pain, Dr. Andrew Weil extols the benefits of Dr. Ida Rolf’s Method of Structural Integration.

Local physicians agree.  Several regularly send their back pain patients to Paul to help them get long lasting relief!


Transitioning to Minimalist Running Shoes

Many of our clients have been interested in making a transition to more minimalist shoes, such as Vibram’s Five Fingers.  Here’s a link to some helpful tips for making that transition smoothly:

Five Fingers & Toes

Five Fingers & Toes


Dr. Weil Recommends SI for Dowager’s Humps

Are you concerned about your rounded spine?  Don’t want to develop a Dowager’s Hump?  Dr. Weil recommends the Rolf Method of Structural Integration as an effective corrective therapy.  Paul, our Board Certified Structural Integrator, is happy to help you take care of what’s causing the hump to form.  Just give him a call!

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Dr. Dean Ornish on Healing

“Instead of trying to motivate [patients] with the ‘fear of dying,’ Ornish reframes the issue. He inspires a new vision of the ‘joy of living’ — convincing them they can feel better, not just live longer.” ~ Fast Company

In an inspiring video from the TED lecture series, Dr. Dean Ornish shows us ways in which we can change ourselves. . . . Thereby leading happier, healthier & even longer lives.


Spring 2010 Newsletter Now Available – “To Your Health”

The newest edition of our semiannual newsletter, “To Your Health” Spring 2010, is hot off the presses!

Featured articles include:

~ “The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage” – Cathy Ulrich
~ “No Pain, No Gain?” – Cathy Ulrich
~ “Massage for Seniors”


You may download the newsletter or view it as an Adobe PDF file. The latest version of Adobe Reader is available for free download at




Fascia . . . Liquid Crystal

We were fortunate to see Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau’s “Strolling Under the Skin” video in it’s entirety at the First International Fascia Research Congress a couple of years ago. Recently, some kind soul posted clips from the video on YouTube. Fascia is building block upon which Structural Integration is built, it is what makes it possible for us to do the work we do and a huge part of what allows our bodies to change themselves.

We talk about it all the time. . . . Now you can see it for yourself!

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Tiny Touches Make A Big Difference. . .

Evidence That Little Touches Do Mean So Much, a recent New York Times article by Benedict Carey, encourages more fist bumps, shoulder pats, hugs, and high fives. So do we!


Make Sure Your Bra Fits!

Does Your Bra Really Fit? Most women with whom we work wear bras that are WAY too tight. Too-tight bras significantly restrict lymphatic flow and produce fascial binding, both of which can lead to a host of ills.

Finer Things for Her is having a Swim and Fit Event from 25-27 February. Swim trunk show, bra specials, giveaways & a special reception until 7pm Thursday evening.

Remember that a proper-fitting brassiere should allow you to easily slip two fingers under the band and under the straps.  Call 423.343.9043 to schedule your fitting appointment.  Tell them that Amber sent ya!