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Saluting Our Veterans: Never Give Up!

So often we are told “this is the way it is and you will just have to learn to live with it” whatever “it” may be. Do we give up and give in to the despair? Or do we find hope by seeing those things that often seemed impossible turn out to be very possible indeed. Perhaps they are right some of the time. But sometimes, opportunities for growth and change are there and we just need someone who believes that life can get better. Watch this powerful story that will change your day!

This Memorial Day weekend we honor those who have died in service for this country by honoring those who are still living with the wounds of war and military service. On Saturday, June 9th, we will offer manual therapy service to our wounded warriors for FREE! Please call us in advance to schedule an appointment for you or a loved one.

They have paid their dues in more ways than we can imagine. We ask only one thing of them: that they not lose their hope in themselves, in their families, in this country, in this world and most importantly in the infinite healing Love of our Creator.

May you come to know this healing love intimately and may it fill you so much that you can no longer contain it. May it spill forth into the world, touching everyone you encounter!


Sophisticated Smiles

Yesterday, Amber met with the fabulous ladies at Sophisticated Smiles in Johnson City.  Dr. Angela Cameron’s dental practice is THE place to go in the Tri-Cities for aesthetic dentistry.  It was great to speak with these delightful women about how we may best serve those struggling with jaw pain.

If you’re looking for a dentist, you may wish to  try this office on for size.  They are extremely personable and offer complimentary consultations in their beautiful office.  Give them a call!


New Art by Mary Mack

We are thrilled to adorn our favorite wall (a curved radius wall painted “Uncertain Grey,” a color that is art in itself) with a three paneled abstract landscape painting by local artist Mary McKinley, professionally known as Mary Mack.  It’s amazing how the painting changes according to the time of day. . . .   The environmental lighting allows for subtle mood changes throughout the day.  So fun!  Find out more about Mary Mack and how you too can own a bit of her beauty at

"Appalachian Light," acrylic on canvas, 48"x40" - Mary Mack

“Appalachian Light,” acrylic on canvas, 48″x40″


75% of Gift Certificate Sales Help Provide Clean Water

Throughout this week (30 November – 5 December) we will donate 75% of all gift certificate sales to the Upper Tennessee River Roundtable

(Image credit: USDA.)“The Upper Tennessee River Roundtable is a non-profit organization with an overall interest in improving water quality in the Upper Tennessee River Watershed. . . . The Roundtable represents a total of nine counties and two cities. [The] major rivers include the Clinch, Holston (pictured at left), and Powell.

The Upper Tennessee River watershed covers three rivers in Virginia [and Tennessee]: the Clinch, Holston, and Powell rivers. The Roundtable is active in water quality improvement efforts in all three of these rivers. The greater watershed is host to numerous species of fish, mussel, and other aquatic life species. In fact, according to the Nature Conservancy, the Upper Tennessee River watershed greatly exceeds all other watersheds in the lower 48 states in terms of species richness and diversity!”

Other participants include:
Linden Massage, E. Unaka Ave. #1, Johnson City, TN 37601;
Jim Quillen, 5602 Kingsport Highway, Johnson City, TN 37601; and
Bunny Medeiros, 380 E. Main St., Abingdon, VA 24210.

Want to buy gift certificates for that special someone? Give us a call at 423.288.2662 or email us at  Payment may be made by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.  If you would like to claim the 75% as a tax deduction, you can write a check for that amount directly to the Upper Tennessee River Roundtable.


How to Be More Positive

How to Be More Positive – Building Your Own (Recession-Proof) Lemonade Empire
By Susan Dato

With all that’s been going on in the world lately it comes as no surprise that, in the recent months, internet searches have spiked with the query ‘how to be more positive.’ As simple as the notion of it seems on the surface, it often proves challenging for many, and at certain times more than others. If you’re struggling with being optimistic, take heart in knowing you are certainly not alone and there are real, practical tips that have been the cornerstone of many, if not all, of the most successful (and happiest) people in our history.

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Chair Massage For PTSD

By Brandon J. Thomas

Traumatic experiences such as war, assault, abuse or devastating loss, can cause post-traumatic stress. Post-traumatic stress affects those who are unable to relegate their traumatic experiences to the past. Trauma survivors often become acutely aware of humans’ inability to control their circumstances. A traumatic experience also reinforces the unsettling notion that life is delicate and can be taken away or permanently altered at any time.

Unfortunately, many who experience severe trauma develop recurring symptoms that have a negative impact on their spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Many victims of trauma cease to be comfortable in their own bodies. The repeated negative effects that occur as a result of a past trauma can be defined as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Although talking with a counselor or therapist can help to bring the traumatic experience into perspective, the physical manifestations of PTSD can remain. Therapeutic massage is now being used to help those with PTSD to feel more secure and comfortable in their bodies, and help to re-establish proper feelings of closeness and intimacy with others. Read the rest of this entry »


Appalachian Sustainable Development

Written by Kathlyn Terry, ASD

Appalachian Sustainable Development is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Abingdon, Virginia, serving ten counties in upper east Tennessee and far southwestern Virginia. ASD’s mission is to help build a healthy, locally rooted economy, which meets people’s needs and sustains the environment. ASD was formed in October 1995 by a diverse group of farmers, loggers, entrepreneurs, community activists, environmentalists, and economic development leaders. We continue to work closely with this broad range of folks, both through representation on our board and through numerous joint projects.

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Fundraiser for ASD

(Thanks to all who made this fundraiser a great success! Together, we raised $1312.50 for Appalachian Sustainable Development. We appreciate the help of all who participated!)

ASD at work

ASD at work

During the month of December, we are partnering with Appalachian Sustainable Development (ASD) to offer gift certificates for holiday gift giving. Half of the sales proceeds will go to support ASD’s work in the community and may be claimed as an end of the year tax deduction for the happy giver. Additional contributions are also appreciated. For more information, call us at 423-288-2662 or send an email to

About Appalachian Sustainable Development:

Appalachian Sustainable Development (ASD) is a not-for-profit organization working in the Appalachian region of Virginia and Tennessee.

Formed in 1995, ASD focuses on developing healthy, diverse and ecologically sound economic opportunities. ASD’s work encompasses two broad areas: building a strong local food system based on organic and sustainable farming and fostering forest conservation through value-added wood processing and “green building.” ASD links consumers with farmers and producers and provides hands-on opportunities for learning, advocacy and civic engagement. Find out more at