Are You Stressed-Out? De-Clutter Your Brain

By Mike Hughes

I have a program on my computer called System Mechanic, which I run about once a month.

Every time I run it, it tells me what’s wrong with my computer and also how much clutter is on my system.

Well, when I ran it this month it said,


Where the heck all that clutter comes from I have no idea! But I do know that I don’t want it on my machine, and when I click the button that says “DELETE CLUTTER” my computer seems to operate much faster.

Now, your brain is like a computer in many respects. And it collects clutter just like a computer.

*Every TV advert that you watch is clutter.

*Every song on the radio that sticks in your brain is clutter.

*Most of what you read in your daily newspaper is clutter.

*Everything you get annoyed or upset about is clutter.


And it happens literally thousands of times every day 365 days per year, every year.

Is it any wonder that we’re suffering from stress and anxiety?

Unfortunately there’s no computer program that we can plug into our head and suck out all that clutter but we do have something much better — meditation.

Regular daily meditation is your antidote to the clutter that you accumulate throughout the day.

Just sit down & allow your body and mind to relax — become aware of your hands — watch the thoughts that pop up in your mind and after 20 minutes you’ll feel much clearer and more positive.

It’s like pressing your own built-in de-clutter button.

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